Wednesday 25 November 2020

Life after Al Shabaab

I have written a report for the BBC about what happens to people after they defect from Al Shabaab in Somalia. You can read the report here, in English and Somali:

Life after Al Shabaab - English version

Life after Al Shabaab - Somali version

Here are some photos from the rehabilitation centre. Thank you to everyone who spoke to me for this report and to those who helped me with it.

A leaflet with a phone number people can call if they want help defecting from Al Shabaab

Filing cabinets containing information about the defectors

Imans come to the centre to teach the defectors about Islam

The defectors learn skills such as tailoring - these are some of the dresses they made. They gave me one with a matching petticoat.

Here are some of the defectors who have learned tailoring skills.

Some of the defectors train as mechanics.

Others learn computer skills such as video editing.

The defectors also go to class to learn literacy, maths and other skills.