Sunday 16 February 2014

Ruin Lust

The London art gallery, Tate Britain, is having an exhibition about how artists love painting, drawing, sculpting, photographing ruins. 

When I saw the poster I immediately starting thinking about Mogadishu. The way ruined concrete, bricks and stones start to decay, almost as if they are rotting. 

As you can see from my photos below, artists would have their RUIN LUST sated in Mogadishu.



Post office





Pasta factory




Saint Francis of Assisi


I don't know what this was/ is except that it's in Hodan district

I don't know what this was/ is except that it's in Hodan district


Italian municipal building


Wednesday 5 February 2014

New Year in Mogadishu - a photo diary

The old pasta factory in north Mogadishu, later used as an operations centre by Al Shabaab

Heading towards the livestock market in Huriwa district, north Mogadishu

Huriwa district, north Mogadishu

Old building...

New building

Open air cinema

Mental hospital

Mental hospital

Florist's shop

The florist of Mogadishu

Portrait of the president

Talking to the president

Double suicide car bomb damage

Repairing the damage

New Year's Eve feast

Local Lobster

Beach south of Mogadishu

Beach south of Mogadishu

Sunday 2 February 2014

Portugal and Angola

Here is a link to a programme I made for BBC Radio Four about how Portuguese people are fleeing economic crisis at home to seek their fortunes in their former colony of Angola.

BBC Radio Four: Return to Angola