Monday, 8 October 2012

The goats of Mogadishu

On a recent trip to Mogadishu, I noticed that the only living things that seemed to be truly at ease in the city were the goats. The humans were generally nervous and jittery (not surprising given the pops of gunfire, suicide bomb scares, and grenade throwing). The cows looked lost. The donkeys confused - I saw one careering round and round a roundabout, madly circling in the dust.

But the goats seemed to be having a good time. It was if the city belonged to them, as they tripped about the smashed buildings, chewing on leaves, plastic, cloth and paper. Someone told me they have even learned to take cover when required, scampering behind bits of concrete or sandbags when bullets start to fly.

 Most of the goats looked relaxed and well fed
This goat lived in the smashed up old post office in Hodan district, a former stronghold of Al Shabaab
I met these goats relaxing on the steps of the National Theatre, near The Village restaurant which was recently attacked by suicide bombers

These goats were passing the day in Bakara Market, Mogadishu's main commercial district

Siesta on the steps

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