Sunday, 28 October 2012

The armed men of Mogadishu

The Somali capital Mogadishu is full of armed men. Some are African Union troops (mainly Ugandan and Burundian), some are government security forces, some are Turkish military, some look like Westerners (usually around the airport area - they do not wear uniforms), some appear to be private militias or bodyguards, and some are simply civilians with guns slung over their shoulders (who told me they would be mad to give up their weapons because they don't trust any of the 'official' security forces such as the AU troops or government soldiers). Here are some photos I took of people with weapons:

AMISOM patrols the streets
Ugandan AMISOM troops
I don't know whether this man was a government soldier, militia man or random armed person
The following photos were taken in one of the many camps for the displaced in the city. It seemed every previously open space in Mogadishu was full of people living in igloo shaped tents patched together from cloth, plastic, cardboard and tin. 

The next lot of photos were taken in Hodan district, Bakara market and other places in Mogadishu.

These photos were taken on a trip to the beach, to the south of Mogadishu:

And this final one was taken in a mosque:


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