Tuesday 20 March 2012

Where to buy Getting Somalia Wrong?

People are asking where they can buy my book in Africa. Here's a list of some of the shops that are selling it.

Somalia: The book is available in Mogadishu from Salim Stationary and Books, Dahabshiil building, opposite Maaliki General Trading, Ceelasha and Banadir Books, Kilometre 4. For further details phone the owner of the bookshops, Mohammed Mire on +252 615 503 233 or +252 615 118 181.

Kenya: It is available in Nairobi at Bookpoint, Books R Us, Westland Sundries, and Bookstop in the Yaya Centre.

Tanzania: You can buy it in A Novel Idea in Dar es Salaam.

It is also available on Amazon and directly from the publishers, Zed Books.

Zed Books also recommends The Book Depository which doesn't charge for postage. It offers a good discount and sends books all over the world. Here is the link:



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