Friday, 4 November 2011

Major Chirchir's tweets

As I sit here in Nairobi speaking to Somali friends about how uncomfortable things have become for them following the Kenyan incursion into/ intervention in/ invasion of Somalia, I cannot help but be amazed by the increasingly surreal stream of tweets coming from the Kenyan army spokesman, Major Emmanuel Chirchir.

Here is a compilation of his tweets on how donkeys should now be considered the enemy:

"Information reaching us confirms that Al Shabaab has resorted to using donkeys to transport their weapons. The locals use donkeys to fetch water for domestic use however, due to the heavy rains water fetching is not feasible. Thus, any large concentration and movement of loaded donkeys will be considered as Al Shabaab activity. In addition we are also reliably informed that the cost of donkeys has risen from $150 to $200 for a donkey. Kenyans dealing in donkey trade along the Kenya-Somali border are advised not to sell their animals to Al Shabaab. Selling donkeys to Al Shabaab will undermine our efforts in Somalia."

You can read more of his tweets on Twitter:

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